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All the king's men - only in high resolution!

High Quality Pictures of Male Celebs
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to hires_hunks! This is a community for high resolution pictures of male celebs only! The community is friends only, so please read the rules, and then feel free to join and enjoy our vast collection of high resolution pictures!

This community is moderated by bowserbabe, elegantsmile, historyavenger, elizabethb, sultrydame and sunflower_daze_. Please contact them with any issues or questions.
The beautiful header graphic was created by gflady2

As of Aug 21, 2005, this community is MEMBERS ONLY. You must join the community to post or view the posts. All posts will default to "friends only" security when made to the community. If you want to join but do not want the posts to show onyour friends page, then use the LJ filters functionality to "hide" this community. Thank you for you understanding.
one This community is for the sharing of high resolution MALE pictures ONLY. ALL posts must include at least one high quality picture of a celebrity guy (at least 800 pixels high or wide).
two Wallpapers and graphic art are welcome if they meet the size guidelines.
ANY male celebrity is welcome, even if they are not listed in the interests of the community. Old or new pictures, magazine scans, digital camera photos from premieres... it's all welcome here.
four NO posting of community promotions or any posts without pictures. However, posts that link to posts in other LJ communities that contain high-res pictures are allowed.
five Please post only three thumbnails on the face of the post, and put all other thumbnails behind an lj-cut. If you do not know how to use an lj-cut, see the FAQ post here.
six ABSOLUTELY NO manipulations or sexually-explicit photos please.
eight All members can post pictures. Please put all posted THUMBNAILED images behind an LJ cut, in order to spare those on dialup connections. If you're not sure how to make a thumbnail that links to a larger picture, upload your pictures to the free image hosting service http://www.imageshack.us, which automatically creates a clickable thumbnail for you to use. Simply upload the picture from your computer to the Imageshack website. it will give you a choice of links to the uploaded image. Copy and paste the code under the heading "Hotlink a clickable thumbnail on ANY website or ebay auction!" to post the clickable thumbnail here. It's free and easy! It will look like this:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
NOTE: If you are finding that when you click an Imageshack-hosted thumbnail that you just get the Imageshack main page rather than that picture, it's just Imageshack being wonky. Try again in a few minutes when the servers that the pics are on refresh themselves. Or, you can right click on the thumbnail, choose Properties, copy the filemname, open a new Window, paste the filename in the new window, remove the ".th" from the filename (right before the ".jpg") and hit enter - and the full pic will open in that new window.
nine NO reposting of pictures here to fansites, due to the nature of the purloined images from commercial sites. Scans are re-postable, professional photshoots are NOT. We don't want to get shut down, nor for the fansites that repost the images to get shut down. Please enjoy these pictures as personal use only. Thanks for being understanding.
ten Please only post requests to designated request posts.
TIPS on how to find hi-res images.
If you would like to make a request, there is a designated request post. We do not make any promises that your request will be filled, but we will try! If you would like to fill someones request for images, we have a list of requests that you can choose from.
hires_hotties For Female Celebs
hires_models for Female Models
hires_angelina for Angelina Jolie
hires_brad for Brad Pitt
hires_drew for Drew Barrymore
hires_natalie for Natalie Portman
hires_rose for Rose McGowan
hires_scarlett for Scarlett Johansson

actors, adam garcia, adrien brody, alan cumming, alan rickman, anthony perkins, anthony stewart head, ashton kutcher, ben chaplin, billy boyd, billy zane, brad pitt, brandon lee, brendan fraser, bruce willis, callum keith rennie, cary elwes, cary grant, charlie hunnam, christian bale, christian coulson, christopher plummer, cillian murphy, clive owen, colin farrell, colin firth, craig parker, daniel day-lewis, daniel radcliffe, david duchovny, david wenham, dean cain, dominic monaghan, dominic purcell, donald sutherland, eddie izzard, edward norton, elijah wood, eric bana, ethan embry, ethan hawke, ewan mcgregor, gabriel byrne, gale harold, gary sinise, gene kelly, george clooney, gerard butler, glenn quinn, guy pearce, hal sparks, harrison ford, hayden christensen, heath ledger, hugh dancy, hugh grant, hugh jackman, hugo weaving, ian mckellen, ian somerhalder, ioan gruffudd, jake gyllenhaal, james dean, james franco, james marsden, james marsters, james spader, jason statham, jeremy irons, jeremy northam, joaquin phoenix, john cusak, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, jonny lee miller, josh charles, josh hartnett, josh holloway, josh lucas, jude law, karl urban, keanu reeves, kenneth branagh, kiefer sutherland, kip pardue, laurence olivier, leonardo dicaprio, liam neeson, luke wilson, marc blucas, marlon brandow, matt damon, matthew fox, matthew mcconaughey, mel gibson, michael pitt, michael rosenbaum, michael vartan, michael weatherly, milo ventimiglia, nathan fillion, nicholas lea, nick stahl, noah wyle, oded fehr, organised lust, orlando bloom, paul newman, paul walker, photos, pierce brosnan, ralph fiennes, randy harrison, right clicking, rightclicklick, river phoenix, robert downey jr., robert redford, robert sean leonard, rock hudson, rupert everett, rupert grint, ryan phillipe, samuel l. jackson, scott caan, sean astin, sean bean, sean biggerstaff, sean connery, seth green, shane west, stephen dorff, steve mcqueen, stuart townsend, taye diggs, tim curry, tobey maguire, tom cruise, tom felton, tom hardy, tom welling, val kilmer, viggo mortensen, vincent perez, will kemp, will smith