Justin Chatwin

GUH. This boy is some kind of gorgeous. I scanned this from FLAUNT magazine, and Justin himself can currently be seen in WAR OF THE WORLDS. Go now.

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broken eric

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Does anyone have any hi-res pictures of Bill Pullman? Sort of an odd request I know but I figured I'd ask. I'm having a horrible time finding any :( but here's one

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James Dean?

Does anyone have some images of James Dean? I checked the memories and couldnt find any but it seems insane not have a post for James Dean. Thanks in advance and if this entry is some sort of annoying violation I'll delete it.
Ideal Husband {by me}

105x HiRes: Maroon Five

Hey there,
It's my first post here. I've been spamming members in Maroon 5 communities with HiRes pictures. I thought I can share them with you. I'm posting links to my original posts, hope that's ok. I'm just too lazy to repost that many pictures again there.
~Love, Marwen~

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