the Firecat (gypsyjolie) wrote in hires_hunks,
the Firecat


As of Aug 21st, 2005 this community is going MEMBERS ONLY. You must join to post or view pictures from this point forward. I regret that this step has to be taken, but due to various issues that have come up in the various hires_ communities, we have collectively decided to do this. This also protects us a bit more from the eyes of the various photographers and press services, as the fact of the matter is that we are often violating copyright to post these pics here...yet I don't think any of us want to stop posting and sharing them!

So if you haven't joined this community, please do so by visiting the userinfo page. If you don't want the community to show up on your friends page, read up on the LJ FAQ about filters and use that feature to restrict your friends page.

All posts will by default post as "Friends only" security from this point onward.

Thank you for your understanding.

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