the Firecat (gypsyjolie) wrote in hires_hunks,
the Firecat

some clarification

1. A megapost is a post of 30+ pictures, so no more confusion on that :)

2. We ask that there be NO reposting of pictures posted here to fansites, due to the nature of the purloined images from commercial sites. Scans are re-postable, professional photoshoots are NOT. We don't want to get shut down, nor for the fansites that repost the images to get shut down. Please enjoy these pictures as personal use only. All posts of this type will be labelled as such and made "members only". That means that if you currently are only watching this community rather than having joined it, you will no longer be able to see those posts and might consider joining. Thank you for being understanding. We really don't want to make the whole community members only, but that may have to be the next step.

Thank you,
your moderators gypsyjolie & sultrydame

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