the Firecat (gypsyjolie) wrote in hires_hunks,
the Firecat

some clarification

1. A megapost is a post of 30+ pictures, so no more confusion on that :)

2. We ask that there be NO reposting of pictures posted here to fansites, due to the nature of the purloined images from commercial sites. Scans are re-postable, professional photoshoots are NOT. We don't want to get shut down, nor for the fansites that repost the images to get shut down. Please enjoy these pictures as personal use only. All posts of this type will be labelled as such and made "members only". That means that if you currently are only watching this community rather than having joined it, you will no longer be able to see those posts and might consider joining. Thank you for being understanding. We really don't want to make the whole community members only, but that may have to be the next step.

Thank you,
your moderators gypsyjolie & sultrydame
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i'm actually in the process of posting some pictures i got from a fansite but they are professional photoshoots so do i make that a friends only post?
yes, please to be safe.
They do read the scripts for action sequences but they don’t actually have to learn the lines. They are just directed as to positioning and stunts.
Should we start doing this on the other communities as well?
no, I don't want to. Not unless you want to make the whole community friends only, which I am okay with if you really want to do it. The main reason that I think this is so problematic for this comm is that there are a couple of LJ users that we get photos of the guys from that I know for certain are getting (great but) chancey photos, and those photos are being posted here.

I take risks posting newswirte photos on hires_angelina but I'm not as worried about that as I am of a particular photographer or licensing service (Icon, etc) chasing me down.

If you want to make a case for making everything "friends only", reply here. I'm open to discussion.
I've been thinking about making hires_natalie completely friends-only, just to be on the safe side, and because I'm afraid some of the pictures are the same ones posted on fansites and I don't want that to somehow cause problems, like getting the sites shut down or angering the webmasters of those sites for possibly reposting "their" photos.

Also, it would be easiest if I made it friends-only now instead of some other time, since there's not very many posts yet.
I didn't want to do it, but I agree. I'm making hires_angelina and hires_hotties friends only tonight too. There's been too much fuss and kerfuffle this past week about copyright and such. Why can't people just relax and enjoy the pics???

Damn, I would help you out with hires_hotties by making my posts friends-only, but I'm going to be gone for a few days and I'm leaving really soon. Well, if you're still not done by the time I get back for some reason, I'll do what I can! I do have time to do hires_natalie right now, though.
Do you need my help with hires_hotties' requests? If so, I will help out when I can! ;)
Please feel free to post requests! TI'd love the help, it seems like I get several requests a day and work's been really busy and I don't have time everyday to post requests. All i ask is that you post a repply to the person's request post in the official request thread so that I can see at a glance that it has been filled.

Also, after the kerfuffle that happened at the different hires sites this weekend, I think that we should make all the communities friends only. It'll hide us from the photographer/pictures services as well as from anonymous trolls. What do you say? I'm making hires_angelina and hires_hotties friends only today anyway. You can decide about hires_hunks.
Yeah, let's do it. It's probably much easier that way.

to be honest, friends onyl seems liek a great idea. if you wanna see the pix join the community... or is this just the bitchy side of me talking?
Good call!
Thanks for posting this.

I think we should just keep this community open - but if they want to view the special photos - they should just become members. Simple as that but that may change later.

Btw, did you see what gflady2 created? She did a such wonderful job! I would like to place that in that site in the top like you did for hires_angelina? I'm such a dummy at customizing the journal. :/ I remember doing it somewhere in the options... but I can't seem to find it. Can you help? :)
I just got back froma weekend of camping. I'll try to get the header working tonight for hires_hunks. :)
Many thanks!
Grrrrr...this isnt working for me...

you need to add this code...

<(*take the extra space out here)style type="text/css">
background-position:top center;
then finish it off with the ending style...
< that thing.... then a slash / then style then the end >
Sorry, still a dummy at this. :/ gypsyjolie - help! ;)
Check it out - hires_hunks has its new look :)

Btw, how do we make all entries "friends" only. I can't seem to edit others' entries. :(


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11 years ago

I think the comm should be friends only by default -- this way any undesirable posts or poss with content that could get us in a fair amount of trouble, are hidden by default. They get to be public for anyone from Retna, Icon et al. to catch the contents and sic their attourneys on us.
They DON'T get to be public.

I just woke up. Ugh.
Off topic:

I want to ask gypsyjolie how to make the list of members hidden. I have 2 communities where I´d like to have that option, so I´d be appreciated if you would tell me how to do it. The accounts are free as this community´s.
As far as I know, there is no way to make the list of members hidden. Once we passed a certain number of member (not sure how many, maybe 1000? the profile page automatically switched to a "View member" link rather than just listing them all out. I don't see anything in the Community Management or Edit Profile pages that makes that happen. Sorry!
Thank you for your help. :)